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Question. Originally asked by Community Member mjc. Can Prozac Be Taken As Needed. can I take prozac periodically when I am extremely stressed and feel panic attack coming on & have insomnia or does it need to be taken on a regular basis? I have to also say that taking these type of drugs on an as needed type basis will not allow you to get the full effects of the medication, your doctor needs to not only know about this medication but any others that are taken with this. I want you to be the very best that you can be your body needs the full length.

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But I read up online and most sites say you should take it everyday at the same time. So my question is, can you take prozac as needed? After the scary response to the first medication I'm a bit anxious about trying this in the first place and I really don't want to start out on the wrong foot when I DO start. The scientists believe that the negative physical and emotional symptoms of PMS could be avoided if women with PMS were to take fluoxetine in low doses for just a few days during their menstrual period. Dr. Lovick said: All that would be needed for countless women to benefit from what could be a simple.

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