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I haven't been taking Flonase long (only a few days), so bear with me. I can't find instructions as they pertain to nose-blowing on the package anywhere; what I'd like to know is how long I should wait to blow my nose after taking my two daily spritzes. I don't want to blow the stuff right back out again, but I. 1 Answer - Posted in: flonase, hay fever, rhinorrhea, nose - Answer: Yes Flonase is supposed to prevent post nasal drip. I'm not sure how long.

Half life probly plays a few, so if prozac outlines in your system for almost a few after you stop taking it, thats probly why some blow nose after flonase report post SSRI hoarse dysfunction. Just a [HOST]ing Zoloft after 7 years on Lexapro. The sexual blow nose after flonase effects are actually caused by the lexapro. It messages your senses including your libido. So due to sensitivity and just the way the medicine lexapro can hang in the average for up to a year (or more) after your last withdrawal you are STILL suffereng the side effects of the lexapro.

The insert specifically says not to blow your nose within a half an hour of spraying it into your nostrils. It does create more mucus right after you spray it in and if you don't tip your head back (keep it relatively level for a 1/2 hour or sit really really still) you won't taste the bitterness of it. I have learned this after. What is this Flonase stuff, how does it work, and will they have me on it the rest of my life? Whenever I use the stuff (been on it less than a week thus far) it stings a bit, then my nose starts running and I have to blow my nose. Should I try to keep from blowing this stuff out to give it a chance to work or is that.

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