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do you have twin in your family For women who don't ovulate on their own the chances of concieving twins on Clomid is reported to be about 1/20 and signifigantly less for triplets or higher order multiples. Stimulates follicles in the ovaries to produce mutiple mature eggs to be realeased at ovulation. 6 found this helpful. the person whose pregnant with twins on 50mg, does twins run in your family? just wondering it doesnt run in mine and hoping for twins! a BabyCenter member. Answered 2/21/ 6 found this helpful. I was thinking the sameim taking mg. stephanie Answered 8/16/ 6 found.

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The second risk of taking Clomid is multiple pregnancies/births. Having twins may not seem like a risk to couples who are facing infertility, but multiple pregnancies, especially triplets and up, do pose a risk for mother and babies. Studies are being conducted such as the one done at the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago. You might think that by taking Clomid, a woman would be increasing her chances of having twins dramatically, but that is not true. The chance of having twins while taking Clomid is only around percent, so it does increase a woman's chances, but not that much. Less than 1 percent of Clomid pregnancies result in the.

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