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I TAKE MG XL A DAY I TAKE ONE AT 6AM THEN THE OTHER AT 2PM AND I DO FEEL A LIL SLEEPY IN THE AFTERNOON BUT THATS JUST IF IM LIKE SITTING THERE WATCHING TV OR SOMETHING. I THINK ITS PARTLY A MENTAL AND PHYSICAL THING IF YOUR UP DOING SOMETHING  Wellbutrin Adjustment Period -- Blegh. I get sleepy about an hour after taking Wellbutrin SR (2X a day). So sleepy I'm worried I'll fall asleep behind the wheel (coffee helps avoid that), or, in the afternoon, fall asleep at my desk. I can even fall asleep while taking to someone else. Now that's pretty drowsy! When I was on Wellbutrin, my morning  Day 3 of wellbutrin XL - SO TIRED. Is this normal.

Si tiene alguna duda. LOSARTAN TARBIS 50 mg COMPRIMIDOS RECUBIERTOS CON PELICULA EFG, 28 comprimidos. Fecha de autorización: 0904 Código nacional: P. (IVA incl. ): 4,17.

Hi, I was taking Zoloft (75 mg) for 4 months and requested to switch to something else due to extreme fatigue, weight gain, and other side effects. My doc just prescribed Wellbutrin XL (mg) to begin. First, I am to take Zoloft at 50mg for one week then down to 25 mg for the next week before I can begin my Wellbutrin. My Dr. gave me this med because it usually gives a person more energy and less chance of weight gain. I have been back on it for about 2 weeks now and after I take it I want to.

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