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1 Answer - Posted in: urinary tract infection, clarithromycin - Answer: Common antibiotics used to treat urinary tract infections include. Responses (1). MA. Marvell 22 Sep Clarithromycin may help with a urinary tract infection, but there are other more commonly used antibiotics for UTI's. If your doctor has prescribed it then it must be fine. Please see link below. Votes: +0.

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The information leaflet supplied with the tablets does not include UTI as one of the infections that this particular antibiotic is used for. I am concerned about this and hesitate to ask my GP in case she feels that I doubt her. Klacid is the proprietary name for clarithromycin, which is a very effective antibiotic that is widely used in. 4) The antibiotic-after-sex advice does not apply to Ureaplasma, only to non-STD urinary tract infections, usually caused by E. coli and related bacteria. In some women, UTIs are triggered by sex, even though UTI isn't an STD. Your use of the term "GP" for general practitioner suggests you might be in the UK (we call them.

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