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Because it was so sudden, she said it could have been some kind of drug interaction/ side effect which is what I had already thought since I have no reason to be depressed especially so suddenly. Later that day I looked up doxycycline and depression on the web and found quite a few stories that fit mine  Doxycycline After Effects? Sylvia's story highlights how taking a prescribed drug for acne can have significant, unexpected side effects such as depression, anxiety & suicidal ideation.

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After 2 weeks on Doxycycline for Lyme, I crashed into a very severe depression that lasted during the whole antibiotic regimen (4 months) The depression I've a very similar effects and I believe that ever since I took doxycycline or tetracycline, my metabolism has decreased, I took this anti-bio tics for my acne at age I was never warned about depression being a side effect of Doxycycline, but something brought me to look it up. That's when I found this website, I am so grateful and overjoyed. This website saved me and I just got rid of my bottle of Doxycycline. I know that in time I will get better and I have so much faith and hope. Already.

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