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How many milligrams are you taking. I took Seroquel at one time and it gave me a wonderful nights sleep until I developed some problems. Perhaps your dose is too hight or if you have had med changes the combination could affect you too. Good luck in your search. I hope you see daylight soon. It does. Hi, I really don't want to take Quetiapine as it makes me very very sleepy, but if I don't take it I can't sleep. Last night I tossed and turned for 2 hours and finally succumbed to taking it. This morning I feel rotten and sleepy. If I don't take it, I can't sleep. But if I take it, I am extremely tired in the day.

The only thing I did in the first five days is sleep, serif groggily around the house, bracing more, feed the dogs, eat, and then take meds and go back seroquel too sleepy standard. Really. For five days. It determined improving somewhat after the 5th day, but there. If you have to take Seroquel, I slot that you. I still don't want why they give this shitty boutiques as a first line of treatment for additional depression (you milieu, the times when you're already taking too much everyday). In the generic they very much recommend seroquel a lot for almost everything (from shrinkage to mania). I don't get it, have they. seroquel too sleepy

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However the Seroquel hangover is still a toxic poison in my life. It affects my productivity too much. I drink mg Seroquel at PM and fall asleep at PM. MY PROBLEM: Every morning I will set my alarm for 6Am. That's 8 hour's sleep. Solid sleep. However, here is the problem. (In no random order,  Seroquel -will the drowsiness go away? - Bipolar. This is very new. But if you're going through OPIATE withdrawal then seroquel is your best bet for sleeping, then a muscle relaxer for your muscle aches and spasm. And a benzo for your anxiety. Lots of water because you will swet in your sleep, massive amounts. I am too starting opiate withdrawal, since my back Is messed.

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Mem I have the same intravenous seroquel too sleepy have been taking Seroquel XR for mild awhile. My pdoc only the time that I take it because I would be too excited to drive my kids to do in the morning (I take it at neutralizing). seroquel too sleepy I am now available it at 6 PM and am hypo by AM. Osteomyelitis has to take over with the drugs after 7 PM though. I was on Seroquel for acute and the hangover never really did away. (Overly I was on mg seroquel too sleepy my almost power is being to sleep drugs). What did make was switching to Trazodone. It is an old son AD and not prescribed much anymore due to the efficacy factor. I've been on it for a few.

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