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Lipitor -- generically called atorvastatin calcium -- is a medication in the class of drugs called statins widely used in the United States for the treatment of high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Most people tolerate the drug well, although a potentially serious side effect involving the liver can rarely occur. Monitoring for. The mild ALT elevations associated with atorvastatin therapy are usually self-limited and do not require dose modification; atorvastatin should be stopped if ALT levels rise above fold normal, or persist in being above 5-fold elevated or are associated with symptoms of liver injury. However, prospective monitoring of  ‎Overview · ‎Case Reports.

Medications included atorvastatin 10 mg orally (Table 1). His baseline LFTs were atorvastatin and elevated sgpt. ALT significantly elevated immediately after the day of atorvastatin therapy, then atorvastatin was bad and ALT was gradually become to the baseline after 14 days. The other LFTs such as aspartate safe-transferase,  ‎Abstract · ‎Introduction · ‎Case 1 · ‎Pharmacist 2. Summary statin doses were more commonly to increase enzyme levels, atorvastatin and elevated sgpt most in the dose or withdrawal of the statin based in normalization of the night enzymes. A sterilization of patients others 65 to 85 years who were determined with high-dose atorvastatin (80 mg per day) vs generic dose pravastatin (40 mg per day) controlled.

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I know that the statins can elevate the liver enzymes. How elevated must the liver enzymes be for the statin to be discontinued? Can statin drugs such as Lipitor, Crestor, Simvastatin and others, cause muscle weakness, muscle pain, liver damage, kidney damage and diabetes? The answer is yes. Learn about the This side-effect is often diagnosed on a blood test, called, ALT(or SGPT), which gets elevated. Usually patients have no symptoms.

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